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Speak any language

Traders Education lets you pick from over 25 languages and easily switch between them. Our Smart education platform is software based with Built-in textual characters, diacritic marks on characters and contextual character along with professional and experienced presenters for Voice Over recording.

Learn on the go

In our fast and competitive industry its crucial to stay tuned to traders needs and desires, Mobile is on top. That's why we created education products especially for mobile users.
With your fully mobile compatible Branded Ebook for both direct download and online based learning along with our newest development, a fully branded Mobile app with your Education center, your traders can learn from anywhere, anytime.

All the content you will ever need

Traders today are looking for not only on demand content, but a specific, interactive, easy and intuitive content that will speak in their language.
Traders education have created over 100, animated interactive and easy to learn video lessons with a variety of courses that a every trader must know and also what every trader should know


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